In order to qualify for the following unlimited CrossFit Classes memberships you MUST Complete the FTF Ramping Up Program.

All memberships listed below include unlimited CrossFit Classes and Open Gym Membership.  Eligibility for either or both will be determined by your coach during your Ramping Up Sessions. We recommend a MINIMUM of 6 months of classes prior to engaging in the open gym, but REQUIRE a minimum of 3 months of Class Attendance.

6 month Agreement

$100 per month

Couples:  $180 per month

Month to Month Option


Couples: $200 per month

Student/Public safety/Military- ask about our discounted rates for you.


FTF Performance Team and Competitive Programming and Coaching

This option is available for local and distance athletes. This option is IN ADDITION to the membership of the gym for those whom are serious about being competitive at some level.

In order to gain information about this service, please email Kevin at



BOOT CAMP Pricing only.  This does not apply to Strength and Conditioning Classes.

Single Session: $10

10 sessions: $90

20 Sessions: $140

Session Packages must be purchased at time of enrollment.

Boot Camps will be held at 10 and 4pm on MWF and be a high intensity functional workout without the use of the barbell, geared towards people who are looking for something to come in and burn some calories!

Speciailized small group training or individualized coaching:

Membership is required.

Single Session- $50

Package of 10 sessions-$400

Package of 20-$700
Other notes on memberships-

-30 day cancellation policy on all Memberships.  We do our billing on the 25th of each month, so if you cancel on the 1st- you will still be billed for that month but allow you access to the gym for the rest of that month.  We can’t control whether you come or not, only what happens once you are there.

-You may “Freeze” your membership once for a total of 3 months throughout the year to guarantee the same rate.  Your membership will no longer be able to be frozen after the third month and guarantee you will come back at the same rate.  You will be subject to the new rates at the time you come back to the gym.

-If you cancel your membership during the Agreement period, you are liable for an early termination fee equal to half the remainder.