Fitness is a Journey……

When you think of the two words.. journey and destination,  what do you think of?

When I hear "journey",  I think of the adventures that happen along the way to a place, the experiences that go along with it, the emotions, the feelings, the sensations that occur when we are en route somewhere.  The journey can be filled with all sorts of routes, changes in plans, unexpected outcomes, planned results, and change all over the place.

A "destination" however, is just that.  an end all, be all to the journey.  It means you have reached the terminal location of where it was you are going, the ending point of a trip or even a journey.


Here's the challenge, so many of us are taught that fitness is a destination, when in reality, fitness does not have an end point.  What do you mean by this coach?  well, let me explain.

We have all probably set goals in life, from our careers to our life plans, from our route of travel, to our fitness goals.  And while those goals we can envision as "The destination"  they are in reality, checkpoints along the journey of life.  This is the same for our fitness.  As kids, we had something in our mind of what we wanted our life to turn out like.  Maybe you wanted to be the president, or a nurse, or a firefighter, or a multi millionaire.  All very good to plan for, create a goal to achieve, and work towards.  But as you travel through life, our goal may change and the journey takes a different path.

Fitness is much like this.  At each stage of life, we have goals and ideas of what we want to be like in our fitness arena.  The experiences we have along the way to achieving our goal, are what make our fitness in all arenas.. mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.  how does this apply to your physical fitness?  well it directly applies through the stages you go through in your training plan.  Sometimes we are highly motivated, sometimes we are not.  Sometimes we have another goal we are working on so fitness takes a back seat to the reality of achieving something else.  Sometimes we get injured along the way and it requires an adjustment in our journey.  There are so many factors involved in fitness, there is no way it CAN be a destination.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying not to set goals.  That's a whole other topic to approach on another blog post and multiple days.  BUT what I am saying is that maybe at 40, you don't have the same "destination" as you did when you were in your 20's.  (Speaking from experience of course as I approach 43)   Things come up along the journey that change how you need to approach fitness, how you need to prioritize fitness and place it in your life.

My point is, to enjoy the journey.  I myself, tend to forget that occasionally and focus solely on the fact that I'm not where I want to be.  this is DANGEROUS, because we forget to look around and see that where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be!

My advice to you as a coach, start looking at your fitness as a blessing, a journey that you are on throughout your entire life.  Make fitness a part of your life, not your whole life.  Make it something that you enjoy and the rest will come along with it.  remember that fitness is a marathon, not a sprint (maybe not literally)  ENJOY THE JOURNEY and look around.  You'll only be here once in this lifetime, and that's exactly where you are supposed to be.